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All facilities are included with the initial membership fee. The facilities are available for use during normal club hours and do not require any additional cost.

Study Hall

 A quiet atmosphere for members to finish homework. Mr Bentley Allen volunteers his time Monday-Thursday to help with homework along with other volunteers from the community. Staff is also sometimes involved with homework help.

Technology Center

The Tech Center houses 14 computers. New and exciting programs are implemented throughout the year such as Minecraft and Google CS First. Also during the year an entire week is dedicated to internet safety.The Tech center is always a busy place.

Reading Lounge

The Reading Room has been designated primarily for reading. Although Club members are allowed to bring school chromebooks into the reading room for reading or homework purposes.The reading room has 100's of books for all ages. 

Game Room

The Game Room is one of the most popular features of The Boys & Girls Club. The Game Room features 2 pool tables, Fooz-ball, checkers table, air hockey, big screen tv, xbox and two PlayStations. 

Arts & Crafts Room

The Arts & Crafts Room has been designated for a lot of activities that involve making things with one's own hands. We have a variety of of arts and crafts that we work on almost everyday. We plan on season related projects for kids to be able to do. We also hold games in the arts and crafts room like Bingo.   

Basketball Court

The Basketball has been designated primarily for our daily activities like volleyball, kickball, dodge ball, basketball games, relay races, and 4-step.