Club Leadership

Boys & Girls Club Staff:

Executive Director - Joseph Bujarski -

Joe has headed the sports program of the Club as the Athletic Director for 13 years and is chiefly responsible for its maintained success. Joe has had a very positive influence on hundreds of youngsters inside and out of the Club's various athletic programs.

Program Director - Betty Perry -    

Betty Perry was promoted to the position of Progam Director for the Club in October of 2017. Betty oversees the various programs we have going on at the club to insure positive and fun activities for the youth.

Technology Coordinator - Liz Reed -

Liz Reed was hired as Technology Coordinator for the Club in April of 2018. Liz is working hard to incorporate new, fun and innovative tech programs for all ages of youth to help keep them involved and learn new technology.

Activities Assistant - Nycholas Vanderbilt -

Nych Vanderbilt was hired as Activities Assistant in January of 2018. Nych oversees the weekly activities at the club that are fun and allow the youth to get that much needed exercise as well. He tries to plan activities that all youth want to get involved.